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Thread: GA-M52L-S3P problems

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    Default GA-M52L-S3P problems

    I'm new here.
    Sorry for my english...

    Hardware specs:
    Gigabyte GA-M52L-S3P rev. 1.0 mainboard
    AMD Athlon x64 3.2 GHz dual core processor
    4 x 1 GB 800 MHz DDR2 RAM
    GeForce 6200FX video card
    500 GB 7200 rpm Western Digital HDD
    750 W Intertech power supply

    OS: Windows XP x86 SP3, Linux Fedora 18 x86.

    Until a few days ago I used the F4 Bios then I tried F6a also. But it didn't helped me with my problems:
    1. At first start my GeForce 6200FX video card is seen as 6500 in any OS (Linux, Windows), the OS installs driver and asks for reboot. If I reboot the computer (reset button, Ctrl+Alt+Delete, in/out Bios setup, OS restart), is seen as 6200 and works ok.
    The video card works ok with other mainboards and the mainboard works fine with other video cards (NVidia 7300, 8800, 9800), so I guess there is an incompatibility between these 2.
    Btw, I know that the video card is very old but I don't need a faster 3D one (I don't play video games, well, anymore :D).
    2. Outside OS (Linux/Windows) the Bios knows only USB 1.1 speed, for example in Grub4dos. I've had some results with Plop boot manager but it's buggy, read-only, doesn't work when a USB keyboard is attached and so on...
    Some of my friends have older mainboards but they have USB 2.0 speed outside OS.
    Some guy from a different forum told me how he did it: he took the USB 2.0 code from the Bios of another Gigabyte mainboard and "transplanted" it into the Bios of his mainboard.
    I'm a programmer (Delphi) but I'm a total newbie in Bios programming...
    In Bios setup USB 2.0, USB Keyboard, USB mouse and USB legacy are enabled.

    I searched "GA-M52L-S3P" before asking and I found the "GIGABYTE Modified Bios" and "GIGABYTE Latest Beta BIOS" threads, but it's not that easy manually loading hundreds of pages to search in them... :(

    Could you please help me find a way to solve these problems...?
    Thank you.

    Regards, Cosmin
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    Unhappy Re: GA-M52L-S3P problems

    Anybody...? :(

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