I had been taking part in a 4Ghz SuperPi 32M competition on another forum so bought some new ram hoping to tighten up the timings and push the ram frequency a little higher.A set of Mushkin Radioactive PC3-12800 6-8-6-24.

Setting the timings and ram voltage @ 1.65v in the bios manually with the F5 bios on the board resulted in requiring a cmos reset before it would boot again.

After trying every bios revision available I can boot with the XMP timings and voltage using either the F6 or F7 bios, but SuperPi gives Error in round errors before even completing the initial value part of the benchmark.

To rule out faulty modules both have been run for around 3 hours on memtest and will also complete a superpi 32M run in another board I have (78LMT-S2)

Is there an alternative bios file or a setting I'm missing that is causing my stability issues?