Hi every one,
I have GA-EP45-DQ6 based PC, I even do not remember since I have it, may be I bought this Motherboard brand new in 2008.
Some people use my PC for 12-14h per day, for everything - work, games, entertainment, so far I have not any problems - really no single problem until today!
Tonight I turned on PC but it won't start at all, even my monitor did not power up, when I press power button
all seems ok - all led flashing as usually, all fans start normal CPU, GPU, Case, chassis etc. but all remain in this condition and do not change no sound, no video signal (no beeping) ... nothing.
I try to restart several times nothing changes, removed all unnecessary hardware sound card dvd extra HDD nothing new again,
I used all three quick switches FOR THE VERY FIRST Time hoping to help but nothing happened again.
When removed my RAM Motherboard start beeping for missing ram
I try to locate the problem but no success

I take a close look on LED and notice that five of them just flashing in some loop order and maybe indicate something wrong:

An old GA-EP45-DQ6 based PC suddenly stop starting at all-ga-ep45-dq6-motherboard-layout-jpg

This is my system;

Motherboard: GA-EP45-DQ6

Motherboard BIOS version: F12

Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E8500 run on 4,1GHZ from 4-5 years + other reasonable settings that it make it stable, it runs 100% load 38-42 degrease C

Memory: ADATA vitasta DDR2 1066 2.1-2.3v 8GB set on 2.2v

Video Card: Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 GPU

Hard Drive some samsung 2x 750GB in RAID0

Power Supply: COOLER MASTER Real Power M700

I know that is a really an old PC and few people have similar PC, but I can't find solution, so could you please point me to resolve this situation?

Thank you in advance.