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Thread: 970A-UD3 Etron USB 3.0 doesn't support Buffalo HD-PCTU3 in USB 3.0 mode?

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    Default 970A-UD3 Etron USB 3.0 doesn't support Buffalo HD-PCTU3 in USB 3.0 mode?

    As per the title, I have a 970A-UD3 motherboard. I also have a Buffalo HD-PCTU3 (product page: Buffalo Inc.)

    Unfortunately, when plugged into this motherboard, the drive performs as if the ports are USB 2.0. In particular, the light on the drive shows green in Windows, indicating a USB 2.0 connection, and performance from CrystalDiskMark shows no significant difference from USB 2.0 performance (Sequential Read : 40.646 MB/s, Sequential Write : 33.300 MB/s; USB 2.0 is about 33 MB/s).

    When the drive is plugged in at the BIOS screen, it shows a blue light, implying it's connected as a USB 3.0 device. What's more, I also have Linux installed; when I plug in with Linux booted, it also show the blue USB 3.0 light, and performance seems to be appropriate (about 2.5x the USB 2.0 speeds).

    I also have a PCI-e card with a Rensas controller (a Vantec UGT-PC345), and when this is installed I get two things: one is that Windows pops up the tray message "This device can perform faster" when I plug into the motherboard USB 3.0 ports (back panel blue ports), and, when plugged into the Rensas ports, I get I/O in the 100 MB/s range (Sequential Read : 108.898 MB/s, Sequential Write : 106.769 MB/s).

    The further fascinating thing is that I borrowed a USB 3.0 enclosure from a co-worker. This is labelled as NG-CE2553, and contains a hard drive Windows reports as 'HTS545032B9A300'. This device does seem to work properly on the motherboard ports, but also seems to be slower than my device, as it reads at about 56 MB/s on the USB 3 ports (both the motherboard Etron ports and the Rensas PCI-e card ports).

    I opened a support request on this before borrowing the co-worker's drive, and so far the only response I've seems to me to just be a run-around (request to test with a different "enclosure" and "It maybe driver and compatibility factor").

    Based on the searches I've done, most of the responses have been "Etron is junk, get a different motherboard." Having already invested in this motherboard, I'm not willing to switch to a different one; is there any chance the MB ports can be made to work with the Buffalo HD or am I stuck with using the Rensas-based PCI-e card?


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    Default Re: 970A-UD3 Etron USB 3.0 doesn't support Buffalo HD-PCTU3 in USB 3.0 mode?

    Updated the etron driver to v115?
    My 990FXA-UD3 board got no problems with my USB3 Seagate HDD writing/copying data @204MB/s
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