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Thread: X79 Intel GBit LAN GBE firmware update HOWTO (...also socket 1155/1150?)

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    Default Re: X79 Intel GBit LAN GBE firmware update HOWTO (...also socket 1155/1150?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostearth View Post
    If you upgrade The Gbe Lan Firmware from 1.3 to 1.5 using fpt DOS command, the next time you flash your Bios with Q-Flash or Gigabyte @Bios, the firmware will not change, however if you flash a new bios with fpt DOS command Gbe will remain to 1.3, so the best way is to use one time the fpt DOS command and after always the Q-flash or @bios.


    Yes Ghostearth help me to flash the Gbe. The problem is we never have a new bios update for now nearly 1 year..!

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    Default Re: X79 Intel GBit LAN GBE firmware update HOWTO (...also socket 1155/1150?)

    I have successfully updated Intel Gbe to v1.5. Thank you Amurtigress!!!

    I have re-wrote Amurtigress's step-by-step instructions to be more clear. Also, I noticed the tools in his file were outdated. I have updated them below. Basically, it is the latest version of FTK8 (v8 is for Intel 6 - 7 series chipsets) with the necessary Intel GBe LAN v1.5 firmware file (gbe15.bin). It also includes the latest Intel FWUpdate Tool for ME8 Firmware v8.1.40.1456 from the win-raid forums.

    Needed Files:

    1. Updated Intel Flash Toolkit and the gbe15.bin file -
    2. HxD Hex Editor from HERE.
    3. Your desired BIOS file:

    GIGABYTE Modified Bios
    GIGABYTE Latest Beta BIOS


    1) Extract

    2) Start HxD and load your BIOS into it, and then load the GBE15.bin from GBE15ModKit_DOS_x79 into another tab.

    3) The MAC address of the onboard Intel LAN can be obtained by running ipconfig /all in Command Prompt. Look for the 6 bytes MAC of the 82579V network connection, looks something like 50-AB-13-44-FF-01. Also you might find it on a sticker on your mainboard if it has gotten lost somehow.

    4) Find the location of the start offset of the GBe firmware within the original BIOS. Currently it is located at 1000h and the MAC address is located at the very beginning of the GBe15.bin ROM at offset 0h-5h. You will find "88 88 88 88 87 88" there. This might be different in other BIOS’s. To find the location you can always search for “88 88 88 88 87 88” with Datatype set to Hex-values.

    5) Copy the entire contents of the second tab (GBE15.bin 0h-1FFFh) over to the GBe region in the first tab from offset 1000h-2FFFh (Or the respective different offset for your particular BIOS) using Paste-Write (CTRL-B) in HxD.

    6) Return to 1000h (Or your BIOS GBe offset if different) and enter your MAC address from 1000h-1005h.

    7) Save the yourbios.bin file and copy it into the GBE15ModKit_DOS_x79 directory.

    ATTENTION: Only perform the following steps on the SECONDARY bios (BLUE on boards with a BIOS switch!) to reduce risk. However, this is not possible for all motherboards such as on the X79-UD3.

    8) Create a FAT32 MS-DOS bootable flash drive with Rufus. Copy contents of the GBE15ModKit_DOS_x79 directory onto root of the flash drive. Then boot up from the flash drive. (Much safer to update via DOS, compared to within Windows.)

    9) Backup your current BIOS by running “backup.bat”

    10) Flash your BIOS using "fpt -bios -f yourbios.bin”

    11) Set BIOS to defaults, save and exit, shut down computer and unplug power for 10 seconds.

    12) Enter BIOS and re-configure settings.

    13) Boot into Windows. MEI driver may stop working until you reboot computer one more time.

    Additional Notes:

    - If you already have Intel Gbe v1.5, then there is no need to do flash again with the updated FTK package.
    - You only need to do this once. Going forward, when you update to newer BIOS versions you can just use QFlash (recommended method) or @BIOS. Since these tools do not modify the the Intel Gbe ROM region in the BIOS.
    - I suggest uninstalling the Intel 82579V driver before flashing. I did not, and now my device manager shows "Intel(R) 82579V Gigabit Network Connection #2". It has nothing to do with functionality. Just how Windows works, it thinks that a new network device was installed and thus adds the #2 at the end.
    - I tried this method on my Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3, but it did not work. I had to use another method which I will post in the Asus forum.

    Once again, thank you SO much Amurtigress!!!
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