Every time I go to check the bios page, it says that before flashing to the latest bios version I need to have the USB installed first.

I didn't know what that means, as I had the drivers that came with the installation disk as soon as I installed the motherboard. That version was 2.0 or something. At some point a week ago, just to be sure I wasn't doing something wrong with bios, I installed the latest driver version which is the 2.5.

Here's the problem though. I use virtualbox a lot and virtualbox only works with USB 2.0. So, what I did to solve the problem is to use a PCI slot with 4 USB ports that connect to the motherboard's USB 2.0 headers.

After I installed the Intel 2.5 drivers however, Virtualbox stopped recognizing those USB 2.0 ports for some reason. I uninstalled and went back to the 2.0 version and the problem was solved.

So for one thing I ve got a confirmed bug to report. OTOH, I don't know if it's a problem with bios upgrades if I am still using an older driver version.

So, if anyone has a similar issue beware.