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Thread: GA-990FX-UD3 Woes!

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    Default GA-990FX-UD3 Woes!

    so here's the story...

    i had a GA-990FXA-UD3 build running for a bit less than a year with no issues. i gamed hard on it. and, crushed it even more with non-stop bitcoin mining. so, i wasn't too upset when the board died after 10 months.

    i sent the mobo back to Gigabyte. after a couple of weeks they sent me back a shoddy refurb with burn marks and thermal paste all over it. oh well. times are tough. i guess they do in-house repairs. whatever. i just want my machine running again. i plug in the mobo. seconds later, smoke pillars out from the around the 8-pin cpu connector. yay!

    i sent the mobo back to to Gigabyte. And, just for good measure - send out my $170 PSU back to FSP. I tested the PSU and all voltages came back perfect. but, i just wanted to be on the safe side.

    weeks later, FSP sends me back the same exact PSU (not a replacement) with nothing more than a "passed" stamp on the service invoice. Gigabyte sends me another mobo that looks like someone used it as an ashtray. i hook everything back up - no POST. turns out, the VRM box blew on the last board, and took the CPU with it.

    i sent the CPU back to AMD. they quickly replaced it. they even paid for the shipping. and, they upgraded me from an 8120 to an 8150. finally, this thing fires up. not literally.

    So, i'm ready to start over with a new install. setup all my original BIOS settings, load windows, and install drivers. after all of this is done, windows will stay up for about 5-20 mins, then reboot. no error logs or BSOD - other than the usual kernel power error indicating a sudden shutdown.

    i checked all of my memory timings and voltages. everything there is up to spec. a full day of memtest produced no errors. the PSU voltages are still within healthy ranges. temps are in mid 40s under load. i even tried to see if it would happen before any drivers were installed. it still does. even in safe mode. just to rule out software, i booted into linux, and it crashes even quicker. i cleared CMOS; and went as far as to reflash the BIOS. so, i'm thinking this is either hardware related - or a BIOS setting.

    i don't overclock. i use mostly stock settings. i turned off all the usual power throttling settings. even on fail safe defaults it happens.

    I'm kinda short on cash, but I’m going to try and order a PSU this week.

    all of these RMAs have cost me quite a bit. the shipping charges alone for Gigabyte are over $100. i have built quite a few boxes in the past 15 years. i expect parts to go bad. even some tweaking to make things stable. but this setup has really been one f’n headache.

    i'd appreciate any input any of you may have. and i can provide you with additional info if needed.

    thanks for listening.

    specs above in my profile.
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    Default Re: GA-990FX-UD3 Woes!

    new PSU yielded the same results.

    stepped up DRAM voltage, and CPU NB to no avail.

    these boards are just bad.

    packing it up, and sending it back for good.

    GB wants to ship another one. i'm not doing a 4th one.

    the time, money, and hassle for months has been enough for me to hang up 15 years of PC building.

    i'll never forget GB. and, for all the wrong reasons.

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