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Thread: Severe Bios incompatibility in GA-7PESH3 board

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    Default Severe Bios incompatibility in GA-7PESH3 board

    I've got a new GA-7PESH3 promoted as a "Super Workstation" and supposed to be able to use 4 x PCIE3.0x16 Video cards.

    Problem is, it can only use 1 (any slot it doesn't matter), if the slots are set as Gen3.
    Try to use more than one Gen3 video card and only slot 5 even recognizes a video card and if nothing is in slot 5, the board reverts to the onboard video and totally ignores any other GEN3 video cards in any other slot (they then don't even show up in Win7), but does recognize Gen2 cards in any slot.
    Video cards being used are MSI 7970 Lightning GHZ Editions. (MSI 7950 Twin Frozers were also used with exact same results, but have since been sold)

    Setting the 4 full length slots to GEN2 solves the problem, and all video cards work fine, just not in Gen3 which is the whole purpose of the board !

    I have been working with the B2B division in Cali, and they are trying, but really getting nowhere.

    Hoping that if this is a Gigabyte monitored board, maybe there is a rep on the desktop side that can help, since this is a workstation board, not a server (and boldly promoted as such)?

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    Default Re: Severe Bios incompatibility in GA-7PESH3 board

    Hello there,

    I just happened to see your post, has your issue been solved?
    If not, please PM me your email address and we will help you solve it.

    GIGABYTE Server & Workstation Team

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    Default Re: Severe Bios incompatibility in GA-7PESH3 board

    Add me to the list of those potentially having issues affected by he use of 4 video cards.....System simply won't boot far enough to allow me to access the bios itself and change that setting.

    It's a pain to open and refill water cooling setups just for a bios setting screwing me up like that....I'l learn next time to keep the setup simple, boot the system and setup all the bios options fully.

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