My 4670k is stable during prime/aida for 8 hours (longest I have stress tested), but continually will bsod while on twitch or just browsing. Its always the 124 bsod code.

My OC is 4.5ghz. I use 1.2v but have tried 1.25v just to see if that would fix it, but it doesn't.

I have also upped the vring to 1.125v, still does it randomly. I normally run 40x uncore but dropped it down to 38 while still keeping the 1.125v vring and it will still bsod.

I can even set 1.275v and use a 47x multiplier and it will pass prime/aida for 8 hours. It only bsod while under light use.

I tried disabling c states but that didn't help. I left all other power saving enabled as i want the voltage to drop while idle.

I am out of ideas on what the issue is as its 100% stable under full load but while idle/light load it just randomly bsod. It has happened 3 times this week alone.

Any ideas or anyone else having this problem?