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not sure if I this is the right place to post this but I have an ep45t-usb3p, with the latest oroms. problem is I cant boot from the jmicron controller and there isn't an option to manage the creation or deleting of volumes. I have been trying to figure out how to just switch out the jmicron oprom for the older one, or find out how to repack an extracted bios(not sure of terminology) I am rather new to bios modding and I think I bricked my asus last week. so now im a bit weary about just trying to figure it out on my own. if someone could point me in the right direction, I am willing to do it myself. Im not sure what utility or utilities would perform this task. Or if someone has the time to do it for me I could upload the bios file and link to it. I would still like to know how it is done for future reference tho. thanks everyone.
For that I would recommend you start a new thread, this one is not related to your question.

also maybe there is an updated bios already for your system here;http://forums.tweaktown.com/gigabyte...beta-bios.html

or here; GIGABYTE Modified Bios