Hi everybody,
on my signature system, that's working smoothly since nearly four years, I tried to unlock the two missing cores: in F5 BIOS I set EC hybrid + ACC all cores.
Everything is OK, on POST I'm seeing now a X4 processor and W7 is booting without any issue.
I'm seeing 4 cores inside the OS too but, after few minutes, the PC is powering off.
It doesn't freeze and I got no BSOD: it simply powers off.
Again: power on the PC, POST is still showing an X4 processor, W7 boots OK but then the PC powers off again.
Power on again, back to BIOS, I revert to EC normal + ACC disabled anf the PC is working fine.
I'm feeling it could be a sort of a BIOS safety setting the to prevent any damage on the MoBo but I've no idea what to modify further.
What do you think? Should I forget to unlock the missing cores or I simply have to set something in BIOS?
Thx in advance for your support.