GA-Z77X-UD5H with Windows 7 on a SSD and Ubunut on a separate SSD. I have win7 as default boot and when I want Ubuntu I press the F12 key during startup and select the SSD with Ubuntu on it. Now in the menu it all has an entry called "Ubuntu" but if I select that it boots to Windows 7. When I add in a few extra hard drives the SSD with Ubuntu doesnt even show on the menu but Ubuntu shows but that is Windows. I expect Ubuntu is from a previous setup on this motherboard.

How do I clean out this list ? I want the list to show the Corsair SSD ( windows ),the Cruicial SSD ( ubuntu ) and the DVD/Rom drive. Anyway to customize ?

I use the Ubuntu SSD for my banking and other secure information so its important to me. Using the Ubuntu bootmanager ( GRUB2 ) to manage bootup is a disaster ( most probably me ) and I have now edited that installation not to "probe" for other o/s. F12 is perfect if I can just get it working a little bit better.