I've had the Gigabyte Z87X-UDH5 motherboard for a couple months. Sometimes get BSOD randomly and even more frequently yesterday. Could be cause I upped the memory
frequency to 1600mhz as the ram was rated for with selecting XMP profile. Anyhow I was on the F7 bios and upgraded to the F8B bios and reset the ram to the default 1333mhz where
it became stable again. Interesting to note that the cpu frequency at 1600mhz with a 16.0x memory multiplier is 3.8ghz (at a 38x100 multiplier). I thought the 4670K only goes to 3.8ghz with just a single core loaded? I ran prime95 and cpu-id utility still displayed 3.8ghz with all 4 cores loaded. I thought the default turbo multiplier is 36 equalling 3.6 ghz from the 3.4 ghz base frequency. Gets even more interesting when at 1333mhz ram memory frequency (13.3 memory multiplier selected) the cpu runs at 3.6ghz which is what its suppose to. So right now I upped the
system agent at +0.01v and in the last 10 minutes no blue screens. Is that a safe voltage anyone? Also whats with the cpu frequency varying at either 1333 mhz vs 1600mhz?