I have the 990FXA-UD3 version 3 and my G35 headphones are not working on any USB port. I also can't find the right drivers for windows 8.1 64bit. The disk says it won't work with windows ME so I'm guessing it doesn't recognize 8.1 yet. The headphones work in my mac book without drivers ans my asus laptop. These headphones worked great in my P67-UD7 gigabye board that I sold. I never tried different bios and not sure if that's going to work. I am thinking this board just doesn't work with the G35. Also all USB read everything else external HHD, flash drives etc. Any help trying to get this to work would be great as I really doesn't want to buy another set of headphone when I know these work just not with this board. Also I am using the G9 mouse and the G15. I also tried the older drivers for just the g35 as well as the latest ones. These headphone also didn't work with windows 7 had the same problem.