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Thread: Adjusting BIOS after installing new graphics card

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    Default Adjusting BIOS after installing new graphics card

    Hi- Quite new to these help forums as my needs for a PC are simple
    I hope someone could advise me.
    A friend (of a friend who should know what he's doing ) recently installed a graphics card for me (Radeon HD6670 PCI Express 2.1 bus (2gb GDDR3)
    I did so as I was experiencing distortion, when viewing Vids via HDMI on my TV (tried various media players VLC , classic, Divx etc) Also when scrolling up and down on webpages an annoying horizontal distorted line about 1/4 thick ,making it diffcult to read fluently (if that makes sense )
    I suspect (guessing) that whats happening is that my PC is still using the onboard graphics (64M) on my Gigabyte (GA-H61M-S2PV)

    I normally wouldn't go near the BIOS however I have had a look;
    "Init display First" is set to Auto with there being options to set to IGFX, PEG or PCI ......
    "Internal Graphics is set to Auto with options Auto, Enable or Disable N.B. on the sidebar it says 'keep IGD enabled based on the setup options'
    Underneath that its showing IGD 64M & underneath that there's a enable SSD GREYED OUT'
    I mention that as I'm thinking if the IGD was disabled, would it also be greyed out?

    My questions are : Is it SAFE for me to change the settings ie disable IGD
    And what I should I change the Init Display to (PEG or PCI) if indeed I should change them at all

    I have to say I'm itching to just go ahead as it all seems so obvious but don't want to end up having a non functioning at all PC, or am I just being too cautious ??

    Additional info:

    he used the install disc and I'm 99% sure he checked for Driver updates as well.
    When I looked in display adapter - its AMD Radeon HD6670 says this device is working properly, Driver date 11/june/2012 and there's an option to disable the driver
    So I know it says its working ok but why are my display distortion "Exactly" like they were before new grahics? Thats why I thought BIOS as over the years I've read bits and bobs that thats what you should look at

    Intel Pentium CPU [email protected]
    4GB RAM
    64-bit Operating system
    Windows 7 Ultimate
    Service pack 1

    I'm using a Samsung 21" LED monitor with a VGA connection and the HDMI to the Samsung 32" and have the problem I've described on original post on both displays.
    I have the scrolling problem when I'm just using the monitor itself and when I use TV HDMI for browsing.

    I did notice last night that when I'm using 'extend'( i.e. web on monitor/vid on TV) option with dual display (windows key+P) the video's distort when there's lots of movement and panning across, but when I use the 'duplicate' (whats on monitor is same as TV) option it's actually ok with the vids; but still have the niggling scroll when I'm trying to read web pages.
    So my reasoning is duplicate doesn't need much graphics power but extend ie web browsing on monitor and putting films on for the wife and 5 yr old boy does.

    Would it harm to try the BIOS change? Thoughts Anyone?
    Cheers and a big thanks to all who've waded through all of the above Tom
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    Default Re: Adjusting BIOS after installing new graphics card

    You did not mention the following in your description, so I'll just check this with you.

    The onboard graphics and video card each have separate VGA and HDMI outputs for connection to a monitor, TV, etc. The video card's output is not routed through the video output connections on the mother board. Cables must be connected to the video card itself, or it is not being used.

    So my first question is, are your VGA and HDMI cables still connected to the mother board's video outputs, or are they connected to the video card? Or are both of the video sources (onboard and video card) connected to the monitor and TV, with two additional cables?

    I can't really proceed until we have this information.

    Nothing will be harmed by changing those BIOS options, besides the potential loss of a signal going to your monitor and TV, if things are not connected as I have stated above.

    The BIOS can always be reset to its default values, so you can start over again, given you know how to do that.

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    Default Re: Adjusting BIOS after installing new graphics card

    in the bios set first initial display to peg,you can disable the igpu its safe,once you've done that and saved it in the bios

    pull out the hdmi or display cable from the motherboard and plug it into your new hd6670 graphic card,then you should get a display through the graphic card and not the igpu,you will also need to install the latest display drivers from amd website
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    Smile Re: Adjusting BIOS after installing new graphics card

    Hi again,
    Thanks a lot for your replies
    I did look at the back of the PC and there were 2 vga ; 1 at the bottom together with the HDMI (the Radeon)and 1 at the top , grouped with usb keyboard input etc and NO HDMI (the onboard)
    I tried the VGA in the top and there was no signal, so I disabled the IGD and set the init displa to PEG.
    No difference to the 'scrolling ripple lag' on webpages or on vids to TV via HDMI, but webpages do seem to be loading a lot faster (the BIOS then ? )

    So with that out the way, on another forum, they suggested my HDMI display prob might be the TV itself and it was !
    Found a setting for 'LED motion plus' and changed it to 'on' and that solved the problem

    As for the 'scrolling ripple lag' I done a Firefox search (25.01) and found out this was a known problem too - found an add-on called 'Yet Another Smooth Scrolling' and I'm happy with that .

    So looks like I had put 1 + 1 and got 3. Well there you go I wouldn't have known if not for your replies so thanks again

    Cheers Tom McC
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