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Thread: G1.SNIPER Z87 random BSOD

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    Default G1.SNIPER Z87 random BSOD

    Dear community,

    I'm writing this to let you know that the G1.SNIPER Z87 also seems to suffer from random BSOD in a 4 DIMM configuration.

    I have this board for three weeks now and my system isn't stable at all. For days, I trying all kind of memory settings (speed voltage etc...). Each time you think you got it, a bit later the system fails. I have tested the ram, which came from a stable configuration, extensively without errors.
    The received random BSOD always have different error codes.

    I'm now using the board with 2 dimm modules. The first day was positive, let's wait ...

    Config :
    MB : Gigabyte g1.sniper z87
    BIOS : First release
    CPU : XEON E3-1240 V3
    RAM : Corsair XMS 4*4GB (XMP 1600 CL9 1.65v)
    Video : GTX770
    Audio : Soundcore onboard
    OS : Windows 8.1

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    Default Re: G1.SNIPER Z87 random BSOD

    BIOS upgrade might solve your problem.

    I couldn't run my 4 DIMMS on the Z87X-OC without substantial changes to the memory controller - and DIMM voltage.

    1 wekk ago I upgraded to the latest beta BIOS F7g (from F4 since I had more problems with F5 and didn't try F6) and the 4 DIMMs worked out of the box after loading defaults, both in standard configuration and X.M.P profile (1866Mhz).

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    Default Re: G1.SNIPER Z87 random BSOD

    Brief SITREP :

    4th day with only two RAM modules ... and no glitch !

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    Default G1.SNIPER Z87 random BSOD - nvlddmkm error - Memtest86+ issues

    Dear community, i wanted to share with you the different problems i had with this board and the solutions i think i found.

    From the first day i had issues after changing board and CPU in my rig. I came from a P67Extreme6 board from Asrock.

    Issue 1 : Memtest86+

    To exclude a RAM origin of my random BSODs, i (tried to) check my four XMS3 CMX8GX3M2A1600C9 modules.
    Memtest86+ produced systematicaly errors in test #7 when using multithreaded test.
    I tried everything, lowering speed & clocks, raising/lowering vdimm, a single module at a time.
    Testing a pair of GSKILL modules from my second rig produced the same errors and i began to doubt the quality of memtest86+ or the board must be defective.
    On Memtests forums lots of people report problems with test #7, even here in this forum i've read something about it.
    Results : still BSODs and absolutely confused

    Issue 2 : Random BSODs

    Measure 1 : Memtest86 from passmark (without +)
    All tests were OK ! Even in multithreaded mode. I tried all clocks, speeds and banks without any issue (for hours) - it couldn't be a ram issue.
    Results : BSODS persisted

    Measure 2 : Bios F2b (beta)
    Results : still problems

    Measure 3 : Only equip 2 memory banks
    After reading in several gigabyte forums that 4 dimm config produce random bsod on Z87 boards, i tried to use the board with only two dimm.
    Results : not one single BSOD since.

    Measure 4 : Buy a new pair of TEAM GROUP 2166 RAM to get 16GB back.
    No problems with Memtest86 from passmark so i guess the new ram is OK.

    Final measure for the random BSOD issue : Use only 2 dimm on the G1.Sniper Z87

    Issue 3 : nvlddmkm error
    Now that the BSODs are gone, my games frequently freeze or i get a blank screen. Each time, the event manager says that the nvlddmkm.sys got recovered.
    This issue is really random. Meanwhile, to reproduce it the fastest way, i use the stability test utility from AIDA64.
    With AIDA, the problem will appear within half an hour.
    In another forum i found another lost user who had the same problem, and he found out that with using the Gen2 PCI-E setting in the BIOS the error disappears.
    I confirm, this works indeed.

    Final measure for the nvlddmkm issue : Use Gen2 PCI-E setting in the BIOS
    I have to say that other users wrote that the problem occured after a BIOS update for their board.
    In my case there is no previous or newer BIOS, so i can't tell if this problem could be resolved by a bios update.

    It took me one month of testing and trying to find this out. I hope it will help somebody to spare some time.

    My System :
    MB : Gigabyte g1.sniper z87
    BIOS : F2b
    CPU : XEON E3-1240 V3
    RAM : Teamgroup Vulcan 2166 16 GB
    Video : Palit GTX770 jetstream
    Audio : Soundcore onboard
    PSU : Corsair HX1000
    OS : Windows 8.1
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    Default Re: G1.SNIPER Z87 random BSOD

    Hi Jackrip, the problems you experienced with the 2 dimms of corsiar 4 gig are similar to what I have experienced(I have 2x4 gig Corsair 1600 modules).

    Intel Core i5-4670K
    Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9R, 8GB (4GB x 2)
    radeon r9 290

    I overclocked my i5 to 4.2 and initially thought it was the cause of the freezing. Needless to say over the last 6 months I have been through 2 cpu coolers, multiple voltage modifiers EVEN at STOCK cpu speeds Lots of gpu FAN SPEED TWEAKS and still get the freezing once or twice a week, mostly when playing Counterstrike or Battlefield 4. On multiple occurrences it freezes when I click like on facebook or view facebook videos!

    So I will indeed test your fix (Use Gen2 PCI-E setting )and report back after a few weeks if the problem no longer persists, god I hope you are right! Because I am at my wits end with this.

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    Thumbs up Re: G1.SNIPER Z87 random BSOD

    Thanks the info for the Gen2 settings


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