Hi guys,

Please help me. I have a GA-Z68AP-D3 rev2 motherboard , from when i bought it i had problems. With any version of award bios sometimes very often don't want enter in boot loop ( when it turn on pc it start for ~ 10 seconds then restart and so on, monitor stay on stand by) , and i had to turn it off, switch off the PSU and keep pushing the power button of pc for ~ 5sec ( drain residual power from caps), after this most of time start.

Now i have Ua9 UEFI bios and the iisue with boot loop has gone, but now i have other problem. After ~ 1 hour of normal working all the rear usb ports stop working, my keyboard stuck with num lock on and i can't turn it of (its stuck) and my G5 mouse lights keep flashing but i can't do anything with it. I try to see if i have power on the usb ports and it have. Today i did a clean install of windows but the iisue still there. I try to remove all my usb devices except mouse and keyboard, i try other mouse and keyboard, still the same. I really dont know what to do.