I have a problem with my Gigabyte EP35-DS3, which for all my experience using computers I can not fix. I've bought a used motherboard and modded the socketto work with Xeon 771 (in my case E5440). The mod was successful, and everything seems to be working fine in windows, and it has passed 3 hours of prime95 test overclocked to 3,5GHZ. A pretty sweet combo you may think.

The problem arises when I put my computer to sleep (I almost never shut it down completely, because on my old AMD computer it worked like a charm). When I wake the computer up from sleep everything works, but the Cpu Vcore drops to it's default value (I have to have it at 1.3V to make things stable). This of course makes my computer unstable, and it crashes under full load. After a restart it works just fine (untill I put it into sleep mode again).

Does anyone have any idea how this Vcore drop when exiting S3 sleep mode could be fixed?