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Thread: Ga-EP45T-UD3LR and 1600mhz memory?

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    Default Ga-EP45T-UD3LR and 1600mhz memory?

    I have a Ga-EP45T-UD3LR that had a 8400 in it and 2 PNY 4gb 1333mhz memory sticks that runs fine. I am now using an X5492 Xeon CPU at 3.4 (sticker mod) and it works fine with the PNY memory. I have never been able to get 1600mhz memory to post. I have tried several types and have bought the recommended Kingston brand, KZ1600C93DB1K2 1.65v with no luck. I cannot get it to post to enter bios with any 1600mhz memory installed. I can enter the bios with the 1333 memory installed, make changes, then shut down, install 1600 but no post again. I am running F7 bios. I could just stick with the PNY 1333 memory but I have 8 sticks of 4GB 1600mhz memory sitting here.


    I should add I have tried voltage up 2.0 and MCH to 2.4 with no post. Just a series of rapid beeps and restart loop. I have tried down clocking the memory to 1066 with the same results. I should also state that the results are the same no matter the cpu used. I have tried a QX6800 the E8400 and the X5492 Xeon with no change. All work fine with the PNY 1333 but none of the work with the 1600 no matter what settings I try and start the pc bios in. Just rapid beeps and restarts.

    OK I updated to the latest beta bios F12e (supposed to help memory compatibility) and tried a few more brands. Nothing will even post to bios, just a series of beeps, shut down, repeat loop. Tried various voltage settings etc.. The newer memory won't post even at 1333. I called Kingston after using the Genesis KHX1600C9D3K that Gigabyte stated was compatible. They said the older low density memory will work but several years ago Kingston started using high density chips in the same model number memory and Gigabyte never updated the bios. If you could find the older memory it would work but any warranty replacements will all be the newer stuff. So be careful buying newer memory! Any chance of a bios update or are these boards way too old?
    I really hate to update as the board is plenty fast with the X5492.
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