I came today to this forum searching for exactly the same thing as in this thread:


I recently made a x79 build on an MSI board and although Gigabyte rocks in every other aspect the MSI had a so called Enhanced Turbo where all the cores work at maximum multiplier in turbo. With my processor that would mean a + 800 Hz total performance which is pretty sweet.

So I'm posting in the hope that the almighty stasio could do the same tweak for the two particular BIOSes (later ones impose hackintosh problems).


I hope it's not too much to ask for two versions of BIOSes, it's just that I haven't finished testing F10f.

Just in case: my board is no longer under guarantee, so I take full responsibility blah blah blah. =0)

And can you verify that changes made concern only module 01-01 (17088572-...)? For I wish to run the mod bios through UBU tools.

Thanks a lot in any case.