Hello, noob here, first post. I am a professional stock trader and wish to build a new trading PC with a Kaveri 10-7850. I have not built a PC before, but have a background in electronics and tech savvy. A few questions about Mobo & memory selection in order to avoid costly mistakes.

My plan is to run the Kaveri at stock speed and use the integrated graphics for triple monitors - main monitor is a 32" 1920x1080 res and and 2 secondary monitors are 23" at 1680x1050 res each; 8 GB (2x4GD) DDR3; Samsung 830 120 GB SSD and WD Black 1 TB HDD.

1) All of the Gigabyte FM2+ mobos support up to 2400MHz [oc] ram as stated in the specs. Does this mean that just the ram alone may be oc'd to run at 2400 MHz, or must the APU be oc'd as well?

2) My plan is to use a GA-F2A88XM-D3H - can I achieve the 2400 ram speed with this mobo? If not, which mobo should I use?
3) Is AMD XMP the method by which one oc's the memory to 2400 MHz?

4) It is my understanding that APU's are very sensitive to memory speed - is it worthwhile to get the absolute lowest latency ram?

Any comments you have are greatly appreciated.