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Thread: does bios update needed for B85M-D3V before installing and using i5-4570 cpu?

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    Default does bios update needed for B85M-D3V before installing and using i5-4570 cpu?

    I have 790xt-usb and amd phenom II x4 b55 cpu. Im about to buy i5-4570 and B85M-D3V. As far as I know b85 should support i5-4570 which is a 4th gen intel cpu without a bios update. But the gigabyte cpu support list confused me. I checked the cpu support list for both 2.0 and 1.1 revisions of B85M-D3V. For 1.1 revision the cpu support list says Since Bios Version F4 for i5-4570 cpu and also same for others cpus. But I dont know with which bios version B85M-D3V comes with.It may come with an older F2 version. So does that mean B85M-D3V doesnt not support i5-4570 without bios update ? If the answer is "it doesnt support" then what does it support without bios update? I need to know this because if I buy those mobo and cpu I wont be able to use the cpu without bios update and I cant update that bios without a proper cpu. Same situation exists for revision 2.0 also. It needs FC bios version. But it may come with an older version too.
    Thx for reading.

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    Default Re: does bios update needed for B85M-D3V before installing and using i5-4570 cpu?

    From the looks of it, that board supports that CPU on the initial Bios Version. Looks like the only bios available for the Rev 1.1 is F4 and Rev2 is FC. I wouldn't have though any difference had I been shopping and looked at the list.

    Have you seen any boards with older Bios's?

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