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Thread: Gigabyte 880GMA-USB3 v3.1 Bios F3/F4e issues

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    Angry Gigabyte 880GMA-USB3 v3.1 Bios F3/F4e issues

    Recently I've been using this board with great success using the F2 BIOS with no issues to speak of but felt I would update the bios in advance for when I plan to eventually update the CPU in the future. The only changes beyond F2 were updates to the CPU AGESA code for expanded processor support. However, I have found that they are both unstable even at stock settings on my system and while using my usual overclocked settings (which are 100% stable on bios F2) result in no booting or even erratic and strange behavior even with a mild overclock such as trying to save the bios to a hard drive when not only NOT selected, but it just hangs and goes nowhere without fail.

    After looking into it, starting with the F3 bios (and into the F4e), I find one setting which is quite bugged and possibly the culprit. When unlocking the advanced memory settings, the entry ProcODT(ohms) shows as follows:

    F2: DEFAULT->AUTO but can be changed
    F3/4e: DEFAULT-> 240 [the maximum] No changes made will save nor affect this, even when trying to set to AUTO.

    Just for the heck of it, I set it to 240 in the f2 bios and got similar erratic behavior and instability. In the f3/f4e this cannot be changed no matter what is done. As per standard procedure the bios was reset to defaults during each version change both during flash, within bios, and also during testing via jumper on the board with no changes in results.

    Are there other users that have this board that can confirm this issue? Is there a way to have someone merge the updated AGESA code from an F4e bios into an F2 as a workaround solution?

    Detailed system specs are linked in my signature as a text file.
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