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x58a-oc is intel X58 and its lga 1366, I use two first pci express...I think for pci line stolen from to marvell sata usb3.0 controller and realteck lan
It seems like he is using the PCIEX16_1 slot, and the PCIEX8_1 slot, going by "two first pci express".

The order of the four PCIe x16 slots on this board are, from top to bottom:

1. PCIEX16_1

2. PCIEX8_1

3. PCIEX16_2

4. PCIEX8_2

Two video cards must be in slots 1 and 3 for both of them to run at x16.

If two video cards are in slots 1 and 2, both will run at x8, from the specs:

The PCIEX16_1 slot will operate at up to x8 mode when the PCIEX8_1 is populated.

"I use two first pci express", or slots 1 and 2, which would explain the x8 speed on both cards perfectly.

The x16 slots on this board are labeled the same as I have listed them above.