I have a PC built around ga-ma770t-ud3p 1.0 with 4x G-Skill g1-10666cl8d-4gbhk (x4), Phenom II X6 1045T. It has never been quite reliable. I slapped some Mushkin RAM in and the system is much more stable, but I only have 4GB of it.

The memory is 1.5V and the board will not go below 1.6V. I've read that this isn't a problem, but can't it cause overheating?

The system is not stable at the suggested 8-8-8-21, but it's even less stable at whatever the mainboard selects automatically, which is 9-9-9-something.

Do I just need to give up and use different RAM? Other 1.6V G-Skill memory is listed as working, but not this stuff.

I could possibly get more of the Mushkin ram I have in there now, CPU-Z says it's P/N "991585 (996585)" and that it's running at 667 MHz, 9-9-9-24.

Can anyone suggest serttings for the G-Skill memory? Or want to trade me something that will definitely work? :)