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Thread: Help OC 4770k / G1 Sniper 5

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    Default Re: Help OC 4770k / G1 Sniper 5

    I understand what your saying. The settings spec gave me just run 10.5 hours on aida64 stress test.

    Help OC 4770k / G1 Sniper 5-4-4_test_1-jpg

    I'm really interested in running @ 4.5Gz. Should I keep testing @ 4.4GHz with different settings. I might be able to get Vcore lower on 4.4GHz. What settings should I use and what speed ? Thanks wibujo
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    Quote Originally Posted by boondocks View Post
    Adding voltage to several settings at once per the suggestion isn't necessarily the best way to go. If you don't use a systematic approach, you don't know for sure what voltage is needed and why.
    Can't agree any more ! It's almost impossible to predict which voltages are causing the issue if it results in a failed stress test/BSOD.
    Usually I have always tested by increasing only 1 value at a time to analyse impact - the only exception being raising VRIN to match increase in Vcore (but that is rare).
    By my observations on my system - every time my system has rebooted (like a reset) during stress without showing a blue screen was due to insufficient vCore.

    Also finding a stable 4.2, 4.3 gives you a pattern. You're luck to reach 4.4 directly :) My CPU is crap I'm struggling to even get 4.3, currently decided to keep it at [email protected] and RAM at 1866 CL9 using XMP.
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    Default Re: Help OC 4770k / G1 Sniper 5

    The Haswell cpu's are so varied in overclocking capabilities it's not funny...on another forum, out of 181 submissions the average overclock was 45.39, with the average vid being 1.29v. But remember, that's average; there are a lot of wild swings in that data including many people who can't get past 4.3.
    I still recommend this thread to anyone who wants some decent advice on which programs to run to test your overclock:
    Haswell Overclocking Guide [With Statistics]

    But anyway some basic advice would be to keep your RAM running at low spec and the uncore fixed at about x34 until you are satisfied your core clock is as high and stable as you can get it, then start working on the RAM and uncore.
    As you up the mulitplier for your OC at some point you may have to increase the Vccin, although it's generally recommended that the Vccin stay .4 - .6 above vcore, some have had to increase it more. At that point it's up to you if you think you are within "safe" limits.....but otherwise I would generally follow the voltage guide in the Z87 or Z97 Haswell OC guides that Sin0822 has posted here and other places. He thinks a .8v difference is OK but then he is an extreme overclocker and maybe not so concerned about how long the cpu will last, lol.
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