Hi, i buy a new hackingtosh with maverik last version.
mi motherboard, gigabyte GA-X79S-UP5 have 8 connectors SAS, 6 sata
the sata connector is ok, but i want to put 14 HARD DISK, so, i want to connect in the
SAS connector, is sata same.

when i connect the sata (in the sas connector), in the boot recognize all the disk, so i created the RAID VOLUME with 4 hard disk, here is all OK,

but when the MAVERIK OSx lunch, in the finder didnt appeare the RAID. only my SSD system OSx.

so, i think that i must update the SAS CONTROLLER for the mother, in the web of GIGABYTE said.
Intel SAS RAID Preinstall driver
Note: Press F6 during Windows setup to read from floppy.


for windows not for mac, so, I HAVE NOT A FLOPPY, i copy the drivers in a flash usb, but F6 didnt work in MAC.

didnt reconoze the RAID disks.

and if i didnt do the RAID disk, and connect the disk clean to the connector SAS, the system dosent recognize the disk separately not RAID.

sorry my english, im from argentina.