So i upgraded my computer to a new CPU & Motherboard.
installed it. updated Windows 7 64bit drivers. everything looked good. except I couldn't get my USB Headset to work with this motherboard.
so I uninstalled drivers/reloaded everything. still same issue.

It would pop up with USB Not recognized
I tried all the USB ports on the motherboard 2.0 & 3.0

So I tried everything I could on the web to get it to work, but nothing worked.
I plugged in the same headset into another computer and boom it detected it no problem. so the problem wasn't the headset.

so then today I tried pluggin in this old usb 2.0 hub i had. and connected the USB headset to that. and BOOM it worked. USB sound device detected.
GREAT news. only problem is i shouldn't need to plug in a usb hub to get this to work. should I.

also my motherboard has the latest BIOS: F5

anyone have a fix for this?