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Thread: very bad OC z97m-dh3 + pentium g3258

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    Default very bad OC z97m-dh3 + pentium g3258


    I have a z97m-dh3 with latest beta BIOS f6i (tried also with f5) and g3258, 8gb ddr3 gskill tridentx 2400mhz, 750w PSU and so on....

    Can't OC over 3.8ghz my CPU. Disabled every c1/eist/turbo, RAM at 1600mhz, tried to up voltage at 1.3v... Can't boot windows a 4ghz sometimes can't boot PC to revert settings.... Tried with stock CPU cooler AMD with noctua nh-d14, no temperatures problem.

    I read that every g3258 hits at least 4.2ghz... Can't believe my CPU is so bad... I think it's a mobo fault.

    For OC i only up CPU multiplier and voltage, no other setting.....

    Any help, please?

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    Default Re: very bad OC z97m-dh3 + pentium g3258

    You may want to re-seat the CPU in the socket, and check for bent pins in the socket when you do that.

    What is the CPU Input voltage (VCCin possibly in your BIOS?) set at? It should be 0.4V - 0.6V above the VCore, although most people set it to at least 1.8V.

    Don't OC the Cache/Ring multiplier at all, at least at first, leave it at 32.

    If you set all the CPU frequency and voltage settings to Auto/stock, so no OC, what do you get for the VCore? It should be ~1.03V at 3.2GHz. Doing this is a basic test to see how well your CPU should OC. If the stock speed VCore is high, then it is a poor over clocking chip.

    Does a third party hardware monitoring program running in Windows show the same VCore that you see in the BIOS?

    My G3258 does 4.0GHz at 1.125V VCore, and I have all the power saving options enabled. My ASRock Z87 board must have Turbo enabled in order to OC.

    You might have a bad board, it's possible, but could also be a flaky BIOS.

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