Helped a friend built a new machine, specs:

Intel i5-4590
Gigabyte H97N-WIFI
16GB G-Skill Ripjaws X CL10 DDR3-1600
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 2GB OC
Plextor M5S 240GB
Seagate 2TB 7200RPM
Silverstone 450W 80Plus Gold
Windows 8.1 Core

Originally I was to use a R9 290 in this build, but out of accident the card we got was too tall and didn't fit the case (Silverstone RVZ01) so we swapped in the GTX 670 from his old machine.

And that's where the trouble starts. Out of the blank, the machine will randomly reset the GPU with TDR errors. Sometimes a reboot might do the trick and can run hours without any issues, only to have the issue come right back after another reboot.

So far the observations and troubleshooting I did:

- Error can occur from cold start or from running for a while, in-game or just on desktop sitting. On one reboot, it can run absolutely stable until the next reboot, and right off the bat the errors can occur on the next
- Card was previously working fine in a different machine, and anti-static measures were taken when transferring the card
- Initially we thought it was power, however I have isolated the card onto its own power supply and it is still doing the same thing, and ran machine through with OCCT and AIDA64 stability tests, no errors were found during the tests but after exiting test.
- This is the weirdest: right-clicking on the taskbar seems to be most prone to trigger the errors
- I've tried multiple versions of the WHQL drivers:

1. 340.52 - latest when machine was first built, first noticed issue
2. 337.88 - initially seemed to have cured issue but issue came back after running for a while
3. 344.11 - got through an update and instantly caused the errors after reboot
4. 314.22 - gone through some forums, one person had issues after updating from this version on another 670, so gave this a try. Cured the issue initially however after running AIDA64, machine froze with blank screen and errors occurred after a reboot.

- There are actually slightly different issues but all seem to point to TDR: I can see nvlddmkm faulting on event 14, Display on 4101 and at one point I got nvlddmkm faulting on event 13. Most of the time it's an event 14 followed by an event 4101.
- On some versions of the drivers (340.52 and 344.11), when the error and blanking occurs, the onboard sound card (Realtek) thinks speakers got plugged and unplugged. This does not occur on the other 2 versions of the GeForce drivers.
- Other hardware does not seem to be the issue. I put a Radeon 6870 and loaded the current Catalyst drivers and machine runs stable.

Any thoughts on what else I can try? There is a BIOS update I haven't tried on the card yet. Thanks.