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Thread: Do I have TRIM support to my SSDs in RAID0?

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    Default Do I have TRIM support to my SSDs in RAID0?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am using a Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4 motherboard (GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 2011 - GA-X79-UP4 (rev. 1.0)) with an Intel I7 3820 processor. I have enabled RAID within the BIOS settings, and have configured two Samsung SSDs in RAID0 configuration. Furthermore I am running Windows 7 Ultimate (x64).

    Here are some screen shots of my BIOS and RAID -

    Given the information above can anybody tell me if my SSDs are operating with TRIM support?

    Furthermore if they are not what do I need to do to get TRIM going (e.g.: which BIOS, etc)?

    Any help here will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards,


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    Default Re: Do I have TRIM support to my SSDs in RAID0?

    I lost track of the thread you posted in previously, I'm glad you are trying again.

    You do not have TRIM support for your RAID 0 array of SSDs, sorry to say.

    Two main reasons for no TRIM support for your SSDs in RAID arrays:

    1. You are using the RSTe (Rapid Storage Enterprise) RAID driver, that does not support TRIM in any type of RAID array.

    2. The X79 chipset in your board, which is actually a Sandy Bridge/6 series chipset generation chipset, is not included by Intel in any official TRIM support in RAID. Only the true 7 series chipsets and beyond can support RAID 0 TRIM.

    History of TRIM in RAID arrays:

    TRIM support for SSDs in RAID arrays did not exist for ANY RAID implementation, regardless of manufacture, until recently. Even today, TRIM support for SSDs in RAID arrays is very rare, only Intel provides TRIM support for RAID 0 arrays (and only RAID 0), and only on mother boards that use Intel 7 series (Z77, Z75) chipsets, or newer chipsets (Z87, Z97, etc). The only RAID drivers that support TRIM in RAID 0 is the IRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) version 11.x and later versions. Another component of TRIM support is having the appropriate RAID Option ROM (part of a BIOS) that matches and works with the RAID driver.

    Back to your situation, X79 boards originally could only use the RSTe RAID driver. Later on, a BIOS update allowed the user to select the use of the IRST driver instead. I see an IRST driver listed on your board's download page:

    GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 2011 - GA-X79-UP4 (rev. 1.0)

    What BIOS you need to use that driver is not clear, but the F5 or F7 versions on your board's download page should have that option. But, those BIOS updates include support for Ivy Bridge E processors, and can cause issues with Sandy Bridge processors like yours. You would need to research those updates for potential problems.

    But, changing the RAID driver, which also most likely will require creating the RAID 0 array over again, and installing Windows again, will not give you TRIM support in RAID 0. That is because of the chipset generation issue I mentioned above.

    There are modified BIOS files that apparently allow TRIM in RAID 0 to work with your board, but they are created by knowledgeable PC enthusiasts, not by Gigabyte or Intel. I would never suggest to anyone that they could use a BIOS like that and all will be well, use them at your own risk.

    Otherwise, no other way to "fix" this on your mother board. I would not suggest even trying to make all these changes, unless the person was very knowledgeable about this topic. No simple fix exists.

    Further reading on this subject:

    Forum - Fernando's Win-RAID Forum (AHCI/RAID Drivers - BIOS Modding)

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    Default Re: Do I have TRIM support to my SSDs in RAID0?

    Thanks parsec.

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