In trying to squeeze a little more juice out of this sytem, I am trying to make use of the 500MHz DDR2-1000 (PC2-8000) RAM that I have, which is currently only running at 400MHz. In order to do this, I need to manually change several timing settings, as this board does not support EPP. No problem, right?

Unfortunately, I can find nowhere in the BIOS to set the Row Cycle Time (tRC), which needs to be set to 45T (as specified by GSkill) for this RAM (F2-8000CL5D-4GBPQ) to run at 500MHz. Oddly enough, I can't even find tRC listed in the chipset output in AIDA64, which lists three dozen other other timing specs.

Any ideas on this? Is it maybe called something else in this BIOS?

Thanks for any suggestions.