I am building a new computer using a Z97X-UD5H with 16 gb ram, a 4790K processor, gtx7700 graphics card with windows 8.1.
I also have removable HD trays on this computer..Would it be possible to run XP on this computer also to use some of my old programs ?

I also have another computer, my EP45-UD3P rev 1.6 that is dual boot, XP & Vista Ultimate SP2, running steady for 3 yrs at 3.3 ghz.
I cloned the hard drive ( dual boot ) to an Crucial MX100 SSD with Acronis. Works but has numerous ESENT errors.
CAPI2 event id 257 ESENT error -583

Am running FE bios with intel driver for ICH10R controller.
I am willing to load new ssd from scratch, but what AHCI drivers should I use for Vista & XP ?
I tied auto-update for driver in device manager, said I had best driver already..Also shows that driver on Gigabyte website...
Is there a better driver and/or bios I should use for new install ?
Also, if I partition drive with software in advance, will that be sufficient for 4k alignment ?