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Thread: Gigabyte boot issues

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    Angry Gigabyte boot issues

    I'll start with saying I have logged an esupport with Gigabyte and have received a new bios to test but I wanted to see if anyone had experienced my issue so here goes.

    I'm running a Gigabyte X99 SOC FOC with an i7 5960x processor and either G.Skill ram or AVEXIR (bought more ram to test) 1500 watt Silverstone powersupply.
    The problem is during power up and only during power up, no overclocking has yet been done to the system.

    With every BIOS I've tried I get similar issues and that is the PC will fail to boot.
    It may hang on A2 or A9 that said with the latest BIOS provided F6X, the board will now hangs pre post check with just a black screen.
    I've never received any warning beeps, none, nada, nothing.

    To overcome this hung state I simply power the unit off and on again and it may or may not start.
    Power is always applied to the system as is evident by fans spinning motherboard LEDs light up and the monitor detecting an input and water cooling loop doing it's thing.

    As an example this morning attempt took 6 power cycles with the new F6X Bios, if the computer get to the windows 8 spinner to signal it's loading it will run in that sate for weeks at a time.

    Between a failed boot and a successful boot zero configuration changes are made to BIOS at best I may unplug any externally connected devices like iphone or usb keys.

    Any tips?

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    Default Re: Gigabyte boot issues

    In my case, my HDD with a lot of data or too many partitions will cause my X99 hanging in A9 code when entering to BIOS setup. Maybe your X99 have experienced with boot failure. Then, it tried to enter to BIOS to load the default setting. But, it hangs by one of your HDD.
    When you have this problem, you can try to remove your HDD, and try to turn on Your X99. It may not be hung in A9. After turning off the PC, you can reconnect your HDD and turn on normally.

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