Hello, recently i purchased the mini-itx from gigabyte the H87TN
There is no one place in the manual where the DC input voltage is indicated !
And the connector is a very rare one.
Finally I found -on a electronic shop-, a 12V, 15, 16, 18, 19V selectable adaptor with the connector found as DC input on the motherboard.
Now I connected the adaptor with 12V to the mobo and also a switch to the power pins (6 and 8 as indicated on manual). Nothing starts, nothings power's on.

Whats happen ?
Can anyone help me, how can I start the mobo, can i place some jumper in some of the pin power or reset header ? (rare but reset only have 1 pin so im unable to use a jumper for reset alone as jumper goes for 2 pins.