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Thread: X99 Gigabyte G1 Gaming Wifi Memory_Management BSOD help please!

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    Default X99 Gigabyte G1 Gaming Wifi Memory_Management BSOD help please!

    Hi all,

    This will be my first post. Nice to meet you all.

    I just had a quick question for you guys as I am now getting frustrated. I am new to overclocking and I just built an X99 pc with the following:

    Corsair H100i
    Corsair 16GB DDR4 @ 2666
    1300W power
    Gigabyte G1 Gaming wifi mobo
    gigabyte gtx980

    After setting my P.C. up, I got everything installed, and I started to read up on overclocking. So with my XMP settings enabled, I started to try ocing. All I did was go into my bios settings and edit the cpu multiplier as well as the voltage. I tried anywhere from vcore of 1.22-1.28 (every time I kept the cpu multiplier at 43 as that was my goal, 4.3GHZ) and I would get the memory_management bsod pretty quickly. Sometimes it would boot and be ok for an hour or two. It would pass stress tests, etc. and be fine but then bsod at a random moment.

    I eventually got frustrated and I ended up using the prepackaged software with my mobo. It's called easytune. I was able to get it up to 4.3GHz pretty easily and it seemed very stable. However after keeping the p.c. on for 6 hours or so and gaming a bit and stress testing, I encountered the memory_management bsod while just doing internet browsing.

    Below is 2 things. The first is a picture of all of the settings that were active when my OC was enabled (xmp @ 2666, CPU @ 4.3 GHz). The second one is my bsod minidump. If anyone could analyze that that'd be great.

    Any advice would be appreciated folks. Right now I am just running everything on stock and will do that for a day or two to see if everything is stable. I'm almost thinking it just has to do with the xmp being enabled, and not my oc on the processor. What do you guys think?

    Edit - just as a note my bios version is F8.

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