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Thread: X99 Gaming G1 WiFi halts at A2 on boot

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    Unhappy X99 Gaming G1 WiFi halts at A2 on boot

    My system was working perfectly, even overclocked to 4.1 GHz with its Intel 5960x. It is also using dual Gigabyte Windforce Nvidia 980s to a 4K TV. Then I added a Das Keyboard 4, Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS and a Saitek rudder pedal setup. All connect via USB to the USB3 slots on back of the motherboard.

    After that I seemed to have an issue with small static shocks when touching the keyboard, and the Warthog would disconnect and reconnect. I also started having boot problems where the motherboard would report A2 on the diagnostic LED and it would not boot.

    Oddly if I disconnect ALL the USB devices then the motherboard will boot. I can reconnect everything and it works fine after that.

    It used to fail to boot with USB connected about every third time. But now it seems to fail every time unless I disconnect everything.

    Any ideas about what is going on? Is it a power problem with the motherboard's USB? If it is, why does it work once Windows has booted? And why the A2 code?

    Also, I fixed the Warthog disconnecting by attaching it to a USB hub which seems to insulate it from whatever static or grounding problem the mobo is having.

    I also proved the USB devices are not the problem by booting them up, all connected at once, to an older system running a Gigabyte X58 UD5 motherboard. Booted and worked every time.

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    Default Re: X99 Gaming G1 WiFi halts at A2 on boot

    Most likely usb incompatiblity between devices. I had the same issue with Logitech G510 and Razer Lachesis 5600dpi mouse. Try to use different hubs for the devices. For example Use USB 2.0 for Das Keyboard 4 which is above the PS2 port, HOTAS joystick to the ports below the firest Lan card and the pedals to the ports below the other lan card. This way they are on separate usb hubs and less interference will be possible this way.

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