Hey guys, my problem is this. My Gigabyte GTX 780 was working great. No issues at all and a decent overclocker. I bought a new CPU and mobo and switched it over to the new system. As soon as the PC was turned on the card immediately ramped the fans up to 100% speed and it sounds like a hair dryer! After going into windows and installing the drivers it changed nothing. In fact it registers as running at normal speed but it most definitely isn't. Mind you it still works, gets to windows and plays games, its just the fan speed is blasting at max power.

Thinking this may have been an issue with the new mobo (MSI H97 and i5 4670k) I updated the BIOS for the mobo. Didnt fix anything unfortunately.

A little flustered I pulled the 780 out and put it back into my old system only to discover horrifyingly that it is now doing the same thing in my old pc too where it didn't before! Has anyone had this issue or know a possible fix? Would re-flashing the vbios for the card fix it at all? Or did something happen on the install to the new pc that has damaged the card? Any help would be appreciated, i unfortuantely have no money to buy a replacement and its incredibly hard to use when its so loud :(

Thanks for reading guys