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Hi all,

I've replaced my motherboard/cpu combo with a Asus B85M-D3H and I'm experiencing a regular repeating popping sound on both my onboard and PCI soundblaster audigy FX card. The issue didn't occur with my last motherboard/cpu. All the other parts are the same.

I've tried removing the PCI card
I've tried having just the PCI card with onboard disabled
I've tried using the onboard graphics instead of the GTX 570.
I've tried various BIOS settings
The problem persists whether I use my 2.1 speakers or whether I have headphones plugged in.
If I record sound on this PC and play it back through a different PC (via FRAPS), the popping isn't there so it seems to be a playback issue.

Has anyone seen this before or got any ideas what may be causing it?