What is the difference between the GA-B85N Phoenix and the GA-B85N Phoenix-WIFI. Seems obvious; the a WiFi module is installed. But there appears to be more to it than that.

- Why does the Phoenix-WIFI have a 2.0 revision when the Phoenix doesn't? And what's the difference between rev. 1.1 and rev. 2.0 Phoenix-WIFI boards?

- Why is the latest BIOS for the Phoenix-WIFI (F3, 2014/10/27, "Enhance CPU performance") newer than the the latest BIOS for the Phoenix (F6, 2014/07/04, "Improve Intel K-sku CPU performance", which seems to be the equivalent of the Phoenix-WIFI's second-to-last F2 BIOS)?

Also, does anyone know what WiFi card is sold with the Phoenix-WIFI?