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Thread: Z97X SOC Rev 1 (not force) cold boot issues

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    Default Z97X SOC Rev 1 (not force) cold boot issues


    I've recently built a system with a Z97X SOC board running bios F6.

    I'm having issues with cold boots - using bios optimized defaults. If I press the OC ignition button, then press power so the fans come on, wait 20 seconds or so and then press the power button again, the system will boot into windows fine. Once booted, the system is stable and runs perfectly. I've tried stripping it down to just the CPU/motherboard/ram and onboard graphics, but it behaves the same way.

    Without the OC ignition button, the power will just cycle without the board posting. This is annoying as I have to open up the case each time to reach the oc ignition button to get it to boot.

    Z97X SOC
    8gb corsair platinum 1600mhz
    500gb Samsung 850 EVO
    Nepton 280L, pump to a 3 pin header, fans to CPU_Fan.
    2tb Seagate Sata
    Radeon 290 tri-x
    Essence STX
    Corsair HX1000 PSU

    I originally thought the bios was the issue (came with F3 or F4, can't recall), but I'm on F6 now and still having the issue.

    What can I do to resolve?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: Z97X SOC Rev 1 (not force) cold boot issues

    Try just one ram stick, possibly different keyboard, just to make sure.
    Then I would think it's time to contact GIGABYTE, maybe it's the board, or the CPU.

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    Default Re: Z97X SOC Rev 1 (not force) cold boot issues

    Yes, I will first troubleshoot the ram sticks. This is assuming your ram sticks are compatible with the SOC board. Anyway, since the OC ignition provides power to your board components( like fake warming), I'm assuming some component is being under or over volted on cold boots. I will start with the Bios and Bios settings, if all is OK, then check attached devices etc. I hope your water pump is configured as it should for optimal performance. Does the pump start up immediately when the pc boots up?
    Was this issue present from the first time you built the system ?
    i7 8700k - z370 Asus Rog maximus 10 hero(wifi) (soho)
    G.SKILL TridentZ Series 32GB
    Corsair PSU, 1
    080Ti EVGA
    960 Samsung Evo , 2 WD Black Storage.
    Builds - Z97x-Gaming 7(media center) . Gigabyte x399 - Gaming 7 Threadripper 1950x (workstation)

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