I just bought a new Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H-BK but it's having a sound problem

in Linux Mint 17.1-

Sometimes I can hear the sound or music, but it's at such a low volume that it's barely

audible, and most of the time all I hear is just crackling and popping noises.

The audio in my previous GA-P45-UD3P worked perfectly with Linux Mint 17.1-

I tried the HDMI through the monitors' speakers which works okay-

The audio also works fine in Windows 7 (I dual-boot)-

So, I tried adding the line [options snd-hda-intel vid=8086 pid=8ca0 snoop=0] to the

modprobe.d file, which did not fix it-

I upgraded the default/installation kernel 3.13 to 3.16.0-31-generic without resolving the


Does anyone know how to fix this?

I hope I posted in the correct forum....