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Thread: G1.Sniper M3 - No "Windows Boot Manager".

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    Default G1.Sniper M3 - No "Windows Boot Manager".

    I have a system with a G1.Sniper M3 board in it, on which Windows 7 was installed in EFI mode. However, there is no "Windows Boot Manager" boot option.

    This was the first board I ever did an EFI installation of Windows on back in 2012, and I can't remember if it had a Windows Boot Manager entry to begin with. I hadn't gone into the board's UEFI interface since 2012, but yesterday the PSU failed, and in the process of figuring that out I did CMOS resets and removed the battery for an extended period. I'm wondering if that removed the Windows Boot Manager entry if it was there to begin with? I don't think it's likely, because on my current gen boards, the Windows Boot Manager boot option always reappears in the UEFI no matter what I do to the firmware (flash, reset etc.). It gets rebuilt from the system drive, right?

    Anyway, the boot entry currently selected is "UEFI: M4-CT128M4SSD2" (the system drive), and Windows boots just fine from that. Should I worry about the lack of "Windows Boot Manager" option? I'm just used to seeing it in all my EFI systems these days.
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