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Thread: Using newer intel drivers on my older GA P55M UD2?

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    Default Using newer intel drivers on my older GA P55M UD2?

    I have a machine thats a few years old that Im trying to use as a professional audio editor. Im having some latency issues (found using LatencyMon) with a few drivers that are affecting my work, specifically:


    Gigabyte hasnt posted drivers updates for USB / SATA / SCSI / Intel Matrix Storage in years - is it safe to use newer drivers directly from intel?

    Also having a hell of time finding compatible drivers on intel's site.....

    edit: Also double checked my bios (at post) which claims it is version F11 - are there any newer / tweaked / beta BIOS that could improve USB / SCSI / SATA problems?

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    Default Re: Using newer intel drivers on my older GA P55M UD2?

    It would be helpful to know what OS/version of Windows you are using.

    The USBPORT.SYS and SCSIPORT.SYS are Windows drivers. Even with Windows XP, there are no USB 2.0/1.1 drivers from Intel, they are provided by Windows. I've never seen a SCSIPORT.SYS driver in any kind of download of a SATA driver from Intel. If you check the source of those drivers in Device Manager, they are bound to be Microsoft. The only way to replace them would be with a different version of Windows, if they even have newer versions of those drivers.

    The Intel IRST driver on your board's download page ( is just that, an IRST driver, not the older Matrix Storage driver. Your P55 chipset is compatible with up to any of the IRST version 12 and 11 drivers, check the Read Me file on the download page. Here's a link to the IRST drivers Intel has available, you can use up to IRST 12.9:

    The Intel 5 series chipsets are not listed as compatible beginning with IRST version 13. Those versions might install on your PC, but there are features in those versions your chipset and CPU do not support.

    Your latency issues may be related to CPU power saving options, like EIST and C States that may be enabled in the BIOS. Some Windows Power Plan settings may also affect latency, like USB selective suspend, and putting drives to sleep after a time period has past.

    I'm not aware of any beta BIOS versions for your board, nor would I suggest their use.

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