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I didn't find anything different about it, the soundblaster X-Fi works as it should when the gigabyte realtek hd audio drivers are installed first. Gigabyte provided X-Fi Soundblaster software (OEM) did not work as it should when windows generic ALC 1150 drivers were installed instead of the Realtek HD Audio drivers( Gigabyte). Platform was windows 7, hence, confirms that the provided X-Fi from Gigabyte is dependent on the realtek drivers for HD Audio.

Conclusion, realtek and X-fi tools( from Gigabyte, OEM) are tied together, likely by way of licensing. Consequently, no need to pay for the software and the Soundblaster X-fi MB 3 does not appear as an independent device in Sound options. If you buy the X-Fi Soundblaster software from Creative's website, the licensing process is different, and the Soundblaster X-fi MB 3 device does appear in the Sound Hardware info as you saw in the picture. A behavior similar to the SRSlabs audio processing tool( retail version). So, bottom line, you are not missing out on any freebies, merry gaming to you.
Are there superior audiophile sound options out there, yes. But that is a different topic altogether.
Wow! You described and answered my exact situation; thank you. :)