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Thread: Black screen when gaming GV-R927XOC-2GD (WINDFORCE)

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    Unhappy Black screen when gaming GV-R927XOC-2GD (WINDFORCE)


    When i'm not playing everything works fine but when i'm gaming sometimes the screen goes black (i can hear the game sounds for a few seconds) them the PC just freezes and i have to turn off but holding power button. This happens at random (sometimes with just a few minutes of gaming, sometimes more). I've changed my power supply and tried to "underclock" the memory and GPU but the problem still remains.

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1MOBO: DZ68DB
    Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.10GHz
    Power Supply: CX750
    8GB RAM

    Any tips?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Black screen when gaming GV-R927XOC-2GD (WINDFORCE)

    Initially, this may appear to be a temperature issue, since you have changed the PSU. However, there could be several other reasons. If the PSU is supplying adequate power to the card, you could look at motherboard or video card bios compatibility issues. If you are not having overheating issues, motherboard bios seems fine, I suggest you send a quick email to Gigabyte support about the graphics card if they have any bios updates or similar (they do sometimes). Do you know the Bios version of the graphic card ??

    NB. It seems someone with a similar issue had it resolved with an F2 bios update.
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