Okay I bought this board a couple of months or so ago. I did a clean install of Windows XP pro SP3. I went to the gigabyte board and downloaded the drivers. At first the 3.0 port worked fine. Then I started having problems where I couldn't get into windows the system would crash. After doing a lot of trouble shooting I found that the drivers were the issue. I have ver. 6 board and was using the ver 4.1 drivers. I installed the drivers for the correct version and I was able to get into windows again. But the 3.0 port on the mobo doesn't work any more. I contacted gigabyte tech support and was told I needed to download an unofficial SP4 for XP or install Win7 to see if the port works. I can't install win7 and I am leery about the unofficial SP 4. I have 4 GB of memory, and the BIOS is up to date. Any ideas?