I'm running Windows 8.1 (and sometimes 10) on a gigabyte G1 Sniper Z97 Rev 1.0 mother board, with UEFI bios.
I have the following issues :
- Newer driver updates from killer networking (Killer Networking - Driver Downloads) break the killer network manager.
The "Applications" and "Performances" panel in the killer network manager are now empty, there is no app listed at all. The "Killer Ethernel" panel disapperead too, maybe it's linked.
The driver provided by gigabyte for this mother board works, but I fear it won't support Windows 10.
- If I enabled ASPM option in the bios and reboot, the bios setup menu become very unstable : it often hangs when I hit F12 or DEL at startup.
My videocard does support UEFI GOP by the way (it boots with native resolution and without flickering)