Got a GA-G41MT-S2P on my hands and I'm trying to acquire proper memory modules for it. Now, even though GIGABYTE states that this motherboard supports up to 8GB of RAM, apparently, the motherboard has a list provided by GIGABYTE of limited supported memory models consisting entirely of 1GB or 2GB memory models, having just one single 4GB memory model supported, to achieve the actual 8GB of RAM total on dual-channel. Needless to say, this said single model of 4GB RAM I've never seen on stores, a Samsung model, doesn't even seem available to be acquired, being hardly possible to achieve the 8GB RAM total GIGABYTE promised to support initially. Nonetheless, there is available a memory model present on said limited list, on local stores of my location, which is the Kingston KVR1333D3N9 model with 2GB of RAM. A Kingston KVR1333D3N9 model with 4gb of RAM is also available on stores but not present on the list. When searched on Google for stories with the very same motherboard + very same Kingston 4GB RAM stick, users complained that the motherboard wouldn't work at all. Therefore to make sure, I would like to confirm that the 4GB option of the very same Kingston model of the list still wouldn't work on this motherboard just as everything indicates. That's basically it. Thank you guys in advance.