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Thread: 990fx ud3 rev4 - divid not working

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    Default 990fx ud3 rev4 - divid not working

    hey. i got a malfunction on my board..

    the offset voltage for vcore is not working. as soon as i enter a value with the next booting the board powers off and won't come back until i do a cmos reset.

    i want to use CnQ with overclocking and changing the fixed vcore disables cnq features like undervolting in windows with no load etc.

    i tried some software to achieve what i want. with amd msr tweaker i set the voltages and values, but:
    i don't get my pc to use P2 correctly (if changed via msr tweaker): i entered 22x with 1.425 vcore, but it won't use the correct multiplicator or only uses lower states. what is edited won't get used.

    then i used gigabyte's own tool easytune6.

    it seemed to work, i could run cinebench with plausible results and monitoring software showed that the voltage and clock values where as set, but when i entered a game (in this case cs:go), i got horrible low fps (like 30-90 instead of 180+ like normal) and rocket league won't even start (crashes at launch with oc via ET). something seemed weired so i uninstalled easytune.

    does anyone have an idea what i could do or try to solve the problem?

    win7 x64 sp1
    fx 8350
    ga 990fx ud 3 rev 4 (bios f3 / f2 same problem)

    programs used to test:

    amd overdrive
    easytune 6
    amd msr tweaker
    amd pstate checker

    edit: if you have any problems understanding pls ask - I'm not a native speaker ;) and any hints on how to work around or programs to test etc. is welcome very much :)
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    Default Re: 990fx ud3 rev4 - divid not working

    changing NB freq in bios doesn't work either. it's supposed to work normally isnt it? i can change the value but it does not actually change my nb speed. its fixed at 2200?! changing bus freq results in changed nb freq though.

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